Wouldn’t you love to have a warm, dry comfortable basement?
Well, now you can!

You simply can’t afford to ignore all the benefits and advantages of this wonderful technology.

“The Foundation of the Future”
Homes & Cottages Magazine

Past Problems

The many aggravating basement problems that people have had to put up with over the years are now a thing of the past.

Remember those problems?

  • Uncomfortable Basement, Living Areas?
  • Moistness, Dampness?
  • Obnoxious Odors?
  • Cold in the Winter?
  • Foundations Cracking?
  • Water Leaking into the Basement?
  • Mold, Mildew?
  • Foul Air
  • Warm in the Summer?
  • High Heating & Cooling Bills?

The Permanent Wood Foundation System

The permanent wood foundation system (often called the PWF system) is an innovative foundation system that’s often referred to as being the ‘superior foundation’.

Why ‘Superior’?

The Permanent Wood Foundation system was developed to eliminate many problems that had arisen over the years with traditional masonry foundations.

Highly popular, the permanent wood foundation is an engineered system that has become a fully developed technology, gaining in popularity year after year with well over 300,000 built all over the country.

Besides eliminating the above list of annoying problems it also gives you many benefits and advantages that conventional foundations cannot.

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